Prefab house

Is a modular prefabricated home, constructed with factory  superior quality, using energy efficient solutions based on passive house technology. All houses are provided with an offline sustainable smart home management system.

Why Kleverr house?

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Low heating costs

The house complies with European A-class energy efficiency standards, with needs of heating less than 40 kWh / m2 per year

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Ventilation with heat recovery

Recuperation is а air heating, control of the CO level in the house, reduction of heating costs, A – class energy efficiency

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Modular system

Made in the factory, quick installation and modernization capabilities, the highest quality standards

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Smart house

You control home security, heating, lighting and other functions with your smartphone

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ECO energy

Intelligent control system for managing electricity consumption, the use of accumulated solar energy or energy from external sources

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Security system

Home protection from outside intrusion and perimeter control. Fire protection. Water leakage protection

Kleverr Houses

CABIN (18 m²)

42 000

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LOFT (27 m²)

55 000

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MODERNO (51 m²)

60 000

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CHALET (60 m²)

96 200

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99 000

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STUDIO LAB (47 m²)

70 500

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how to buy a house?


Choosing a house type

Our specialists will calculate the cost of the selected works for you, as additional questions.


Choosing details

We successfully select solutions for our clients that best suit their budget.


We order a house

We value our reputation, so we treat each order responsibly and achieve results.

Smart systems

Kleverr houses are finished with the aesthetics of Scandinavian minimalism in mind and are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay: light, doors, kitchen, plumbing, blinds, mirror.

Using internet or phone you can control or set up an automatization rules for:
– Lightning 
– Climate (heating/cooling)
– Access control
– Fire alarm
– Security alarm
– Video surveillance
– Blind Control
– Water leakage

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Kleverr Prefab house ia a division of Tesla LLC (Latvia).

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